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Backstreet Boys


Never Gone

My Beautiful Woman

How can I begin to tell you what to do to?
Me everytime I hear ya more willin' to wanna see ya
I know that there's no use in tryin' to explain the confusion
But still I'm not complainin' 'bout my situation

Let's not talk about a possible ending
The very first time I was lookin' to be your fella
I found my inspiration hidin' in your expression
And so I put myself on foward for you consideration

Let's not talk about a possible ending
Let's not think about it everyday
And I know I'm so in love with you
I'm findin' it harder and harder to breathe
Everytime I'm near my beautiful woman

And so we put the top down
To take you drivin' downtown
I guess we'll know just what to do
When you're lookin' to fool around
It's too late to stop me
I know we're gonna get down

My beautiful woman
My beautiful woman
My beautiful woman

B is for beautiful as the sunshine
E tells me everything is feelin' alright
A goes to you and me swingin' it down
T is two
I want you
You've got me actin' like a fool

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Me gustan sus cansiones espesial mente incomplet. Le mando muchas bendiciones

mell ayleen t.

hello !!!!!! I admire and want to continue bringing new music I love Kevin I love you and admire you!! wooww want one of these days come to my country (Dominican Republic ).... I love bye!


no se si vinieron a peru xq recien tengo 12 años pero si los escucho y quisiera q vinieran :)


que ridiculas


Evelyn yo soy de Costa Rica me gustaria ponerme en contacto con tigo mi mail es issacbl@hotmal.com