Letra de Terror de Baphomet en Melomanet




The Dead Shall Inherit


Blinded by your human ways
you've brought about the world's decay
peasants now to live in fear
the human race shell disappear
twisted thoughts to save the day
you've bestowed on us the age of plague

Could you conselve all of my mind's pain
come with me through my eyes you'll
see pain you may never know
but in whitch your kids will grow

As they grown in the chess
and burning remaine
what will you tell them
about humanity's defeat

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obra de arte la de baphomet death metal para las masas y a su vez para que los musicos virtuosos aprendan a simplificar en grande. tocados con la barita magica

marco soriano

que pena que no sigan activos porque son una buena banda


buen grupo excelente death metalllllll, que sera de ellos