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Cradle Of Filth



The Byronic Man

As lonely as a poet on the wall of Jericho
Or the moon without the comfort of the stars
I am loathe to know it that a man without a soul
Is nothing but a split canopic jar

I proved it, improved it
Drove a sonnet right through it
And in this state of bliss
Evil kissed with wet lips
Pen-filled fingertips
Which drew me, for through me
Illuminati usually pissed
But with words of some hurts worth
I threw a party that extended God’s list

Exciting new flames that my face would claim for me
Reciting back the almanac of travesties

They call me bad
Mad Caliban with manner
Dangerous to know
A passing fad
Taught in all debauch I excess and in canto

Grown wild this childe
Whole harems defiled
Faustina’s and Mina’s
Lady Libertine and her sisters between her

What spread of lies arise when lovers die
Which circle of hell is mine when I arrive?

They call me bad
Mad Caliban with manners
Dangerous to know
A passing fad
Taught in all debauch
Crow against the virgin snow

Grown colder, my shoulder
Like a boulder beside her
And bolder, not wiser
My dark seed took up root inside he
That mouldered, where older

Beddings would hold a passionate sigh
But laudanum and soda
Lord Numb coda
Merited a forest of inherited spite

Fleeing grief for foreign maps
I still played vampire aristocrat
Unloading my gun in hot, promiscuous laps

Then shooting swans in a gondola
I tripped my foot on a falled star
And there’s nothing like a mouthful of Venetian tar
To let you know just who you fucking are

The patron saint of heartache

Ever after, can they hear my laughter?

The patrons saint of heartache

Never craft a better bed of disaster...

The patron saint of heartache

They call me bad
Made Caliban with manners
Dangerous to know
A passing fad
Taught in all debauch
In excess and in canto

They call me bad
Mad Caliban with manners
Dangerious to know
A passing fad
Whereupron I tell them
To go fuck their mothers
As so...
On my grave

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hola tengo 16 años y soy de colombia y ps ud son el mejor grupo y esperamos a q vengan a ca

herbet filth

oye me peden ayudar a nkontrar karaoks d cof ske nesesito aprenderm algunas letras pa formar algo vegeta_halv .forfa soy fanatik tambien

herbet filth

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dusk and her brace yo diria que es una de las mejores discografias que and podido sacar CRADLE OF FILTH es lo mejor black gothic metal sinfonico para todos que viva el lord DANI FILHT los admiro

Javier mendoza

Cradle Of Filth.....soy de Hondursa es el grupo de metal extremo...son los mejores del mundo los amo son la mera pija..saluods Dani sigan adelante....