Letra de Droppin' Plates de Disturbed en Melomanet




The Sickness

Droppin' Plates

Wew here we go again, get up
A little somethin' for your earhole, get up
Baring a part of my soul again, get up
Disturbed in the house, were droppin' plates

You said it couldn't be done
Told me that it's the kind of battle
That just couldn't be won, you know
You're too sick, too hard, too fucked in the head
You'll never make it, no, not in this lifetime
Well guess again my friend
Don't act suprised
We got the bass drum kick
That will blow out your eyes
Cause when you hear this shit
You'll get to steppin'
Gonna fight the war
And use my music as a weapon

You know I'm talkin' bout recognition
You know I'm talkin' bout vindication

Another goddamn slap in the face
Don't wanna give us a place
Are you afraid?

Well fear this,
Cause I'm breakin' through the walls of your nightmare
Wake up time to die
The way I'm livin' there is no compromising it
Better get ready for
Another suprise and it may leave a mark
Beacause I'm coming fast
Plantin' thoughts in your mind
And droppin' plates on your ass

Well here I come
I'm droppin' plates on your ass

Well here I come
I'm droppin' plates on your ass bitch
You never mind and you don't need this
Well here I come
I'm droppin plates on your ass bitch
You never mind and you don't need

Well on your mark, here we go again
Well never mind cause you're not number one
You're too hard and from the other side
I think it's time to bring it home again
Right to me

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Ed /,,/

Mis hermanso mis hermanas mi sangre /,,/ dejen me ver sus cuernos al aire


yo amo a disturbed son la mejor banda del mundo *--* no se describin cuanto los amo a ellos<3.<3


Vengan a CR es mi sueño ir a un concierto de DISTURBED mi banda favorita no puedo morir hasta que lo cumpla y todas sus canciones son buenas en especial violence fetish, hell, prayer, asylum, the animal, indestructible, the night, the infection, enought y awaken y bound


Indestructible Su ultimo álbum ,esta aun mejor me encantaría que vinieran a Argentina


disturbed es una de las mejores bandas todas sus canciones son muy buenas y espero k algun dia los pueda ver en concierto...........