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Pharrell Williams



Know Who You Are (Duet with Alicia Keys)

[Chorus - Pharrell:]
I know who you are and I know what you´re feeling [x2]

Bad day at work
Crazy boss, crazy hours
Finger pointing, but then they depend on you
Inhale, exhale
In and out, like a sail
No, no. Ah yes.
Smile honey, no stress

[Pre-Chorus - Pharrell:]
When your environment seems to get brighter
(You know it´s good)
And the situation doesn´t seem that bad
(You know it´s good)
Can you imagine this started with a lighter?
(You know it´s good)
Perception that you never had (you know if s good)

[Chorus - Alicia Keys]

[Alicia Keys:]
I want every woman to make a pledge with me...
Say your name
I pledge to live life on that edge
I want you to know I see the power is in me
No more acquiesce, standing up with no stress
I will do what I need until every woman on the earth is free

[Pre-Chorus - Alicia Keys]

[Chorus - Alicia Keys]

[Bridge 1:]
Let me tell you one more time
And I don´t mind
I know what you´re feeling

[Chorus - Alicia Keys]

[Bridge 2 - Pharrell:]
And girl don´t let them tell you that you don´t deserve to unwind
And if they don´t wanna join us, cool, but it´s our time
We just shake our heads and dance the moment´s so surreal
Isn´t it sad there´s people in this world that don´t know how this feels


[Bridge 1]

[Chorus - both:]

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