Letra de Stupid de Toni Braxton en Melomanet


Toni Braxton




Cause I know that you never really loved me
And you never gave me a sign so I'd see
That you and me were never a possibility

And I feel so stupid after all the nights you left me lonely, to die
And you never gave me a reason why
And now I sit all alone and I cry

Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh

Am I stupid? I should know you were only playing a game

And you and me would never be the same
You made me fell like I'm the one to blame
And I feel so stupid,
after all those nights after nights that I've tried
And all those conversations of lies
And I'm sitting here all alone and I'm crying

Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
I'm crying oh, oh-oh,oh-oh, oh-oh

Can't believe you never knew how I felt
all this love, baby no one elsecould ever love me the way that you do, oh baby

You're all I needed but you treated me so wrong
And I can't believe it How could you do me like you do?
'Cause I've been so stupid for you

Yeah, yeah
Ooh baby yeah
Do me, why do you do me like you do baby?
You baby, you darling, you, hey darling
You baby, you darling, you, ooh yeah yeah
Stupid, stupid, for you
I'm the one to blame
I'm the one left with all the shame
I'm stupid baby, stupid darling, hey yeah yeah
Stupid is as stupid does
I'm stupid for you baby just because
I'm stupid baby, stupid darling

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