Letra de Gently de Slipknot en Melomanet







Gently, my mind escapes into the relaxing
world of pleasure, a pleasure that'll take
my mind off the reality of my life,
my past life... life as I know it now.

And whatever may come, it slowly
disappears to somewhere in the back
of my mind. It will remain there,
until I wish to retrieve it.

Yes, I will stay here for a while,
for I need the break. A break from the
pressures of life, and everything
that lays in the palm of life's hands.

This mode is incredible. It's out of
this world. Too bad I must always leave it...
... but that's life

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fan de slipknot

slipknot es lo mejorrrrrr del mundo aver cuando vienen a merida !!!!

minerviitah..las notas....barru

na eso k comentais no es na stos tios son la puta poya se lo montan pufff dpm na a muertee con slipknot y el heavy metal en general!'!!!


buneo es un buen grupo mi favorito es la marioneta


bamos slipknot....
ojala y bengan ala argentina


Slipknot fuck-shit