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Van Morrison


Blowin' Your Mind

Blowin' Your Mind

Spanish Rose

The 1967 New York Sessions

The Bang Masters

The Lost Tapes Volume 1

The Masters

The Essential

Spanish Rose

The wine beneath the bed
The things we've done and said
And all the mem'ries
That come glancing back to me
In my loneliness

You're standing in the bridge
Beyond that stretch but our love reach
An consciousness has found me sometimes wondering
Where you're at

Umm, take me back again
Take me back one more time, Spanish rose.


The way ya pulled the gate
Behind you when you said, "It ain't too late
Come on, let's swing the town and have a
Ball tonight

Yeah, hopin' you'd come through
And many others, too
And all the friends we used to have in days gone by
I'm wondering

If you'll take me back again
Take me back one more time, Spanish rose.


And when the lights went out there
No one was about
An all the country in full bloom
In the room we danced

And many hearts were torn
And when the word went 'round
That ev'rything was wrong
And just couldn't be put right, it
Tore me up, it tore me up, Lord

The way you held a note
The trembling in your throat
That just beginning of your
Wondrous smile

The rising of the water
The winter winds of days gone by
I often ask myself and wonder why
It's gone?

Uhm, take me back again
Take me back one more time, Spanish Rose.


In slumber you did sleep
The window I did creep
And touch your raven hair
And sang that song
Again to you

You did not even wince
You thought I was the Prince
To come and take you from your misery
And lonely castle wall

Uhm, take me back again
A take me back one more time, Spanish rose


Da-da-da, da-da-da
Da-da-da, da-da-da-da

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que carajo tendrá que ver jonas brothers hay que ser pelotudo e ignorante para menoscabar la importancia de morrison. Bruto de mierda no tenés oído ni para tocar a la puerta


horrible??? jonas brothers????
que pena.........


es orrible nose como le puede gustar eso por favor aguate HOLD ON DE JONAS BROTHER!

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