Letra de Fearless de Vaughn en Melomanet






You say that you're giving,
But you only give what you don't need,
And I call myself truthful,
But I'm lying through my teeth
We have felt desire's killing burn,
Heeded anger's every word,
And lost ourselves well on the way,
Can I pierce this veil of secrecy,
That everyone sees through but me,
And roll my own stone away,
Can I be fearless? Can I be fearless?
I will survive, I will be fearless,
And I'll be alive
We think that we're special,
But we're just like everyone else,
And can we look in a mirror,
And learn to like ourselves
Can we look out through a stranger's eyes,
And leave our judgements all behind,
And build with our hearts in our hands,
Can we take a mountain of despair,
And hew a stone of hope to bear,
A power no hate can withstand
Can we be fearless?
Can we be fearless?
We will be free at last,
We will be fearless,
And we'll be alive

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