Wagner: The "Ring" Without Words (álbum) de Berliner Philharmoniker en Melomanet 

Wagner: The "Ring" Without Words

Carátula del CD: Berliner Philharmoniker - Wagner: The "Ring" Without Words

Artista / Grupo:

Berliner Philharmoniker

Año de publicación:


Canciones del disco:

1 - Das Rheingold: "Thus, We Begin In The Greenish Twilight Of The Rhine"

2 - Das Rheingold: "Float Up To The Home Of The Gods" (Entrance Of The Gods Into Valhalla)

3 - Das Rheingold: "Fall Amongst Hammering Dwarfs Smithying Away"

4 - Das Rheingold: "Ride Donner's Thunderbolt"

5 - Die Walkure, Act I: "In The Sound Code, We 'See' His Loving Gaze"

6 - Die Walkure, Act I: "Their Flight"

7 - Die Walkure, Act II: "Wotan's Rage"

8 - Die Walkure, Act III: "The Cavalcade Of BrÁ¼nnhilde's Sisters" (Ride Of The Valkyries)

9 - Die Walkure, Act III: "Wotan's Farewell" (Wotan's Farewell And Magic Fire Music)

10 - Siegfried, Act I: "Mime's Fright"

11 - Siegfried, Act I: "Siegfried's Forging Of The Magic Sword"

12 - Siegfried, Act I: "His Wanderings Through The Forest" (Forest Murmurs)

13 - Siegfried, Act II: "His Slaying Of The Dragon"

14 - Siegfried, Act II: "The Dragon's Lament"

15 - Gotterdammerung, Act I: Day Breaking 'Round Sigfried's And BrÁ¼nnhilde's Passion

16 - Gotterdammerung, Act I: Siegfried's Rhine Journey, (Dawn And Sigfried's Rhine Journey)

17 - Gotterdammerung, Act II: "Hagen's Call To His Clan"

18 - Gotterdammerung, Act II: "Siegfried And The Rhinemaidens"

19 - Gotterdammerung, Act III: "His Death And The Funeral Music" (Siegfried's Death And Funeral Music)

20 - Gotterdammerung, Act III: Immolation (Immolation Scene)

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