Eternal Champion (álbum) de David Arkenstone en Melomanet 

Eternal Champion

Carátula del CD: David Arkenstone - Eternal Champion

Artista / Grupo:

David Arkenstone

Año de publicación:


Canciones del disco:

1 - Act I: Discovery (From "In the Wake of the Wind")

2 - Act I: Ride Into Midnight (From "Another Star in the Sky")

3 - Act L: Dark Dunes (From "In the Wake of the Wind")

4 - Act L: Night Wind (From "Valley in the Clouds")

5 - Act I: From the Forge to the Field (From 'The Spirit of Olympia")

6 - Act II: Under the Canopy (From "Another Star in the Sky")

7 - Act II: Firestix (From "Citizen of Time")

8 - Act II: The Palace (From "Island")

9 - Act II: Explorers (From "Citizen of Time")

10 - Act III: Marathon Man (From "The Spirit of Olympia")

11 - Act III: Caravan (From "Island")

12 - Act III: The Journey Begins: Kyla's Ride (From "Quest of the Dream Warrior")

13 - Act III: Savannah Runner (From "The Spirit of Olympia")

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