Letra de Flight Of Torek de Aina en Melomanet




Days Of Rising Doom

Days Of Rising Doom

Flight Of Torek

[Narrador: Tobias Sammet]
[Talon: Glenn Hughes]
[Torek: Thomas Rettke]
[Coros: Robert Hunecke-Rizzo]

The King has ruled a reign of long
And good and fair he was to all
But alas, the sun sets on his time
Which renders him frail and small
The throne now calls the next in line
Where Torek stands, proud and strong
His destiny writ in the books of old
To rule as King in the House of Ainean

But pride can come to rule the ones
Whose hearts are faintly clouded
For love can blind and torture you
And in rage leave you shrouded
Destruction of a soul
Can be the aftermath of loss
Then fear the flight of Torek
For it will bring chaos!

The crown that lays upon his head
Is surely bright and shining
But won't compare to his shining love
For whom his heart is pining
A queen he needs to fill the place
Beside his throne now empty
And he's longed for his Lady Oria
For a thousand years and twenty


Of his love he'd said to none
Whilst plans he'd had to make
And on the eve that he would profess
His plans he came to break
For Talon came, his brother dear
Shaking with delight
And with growing rage did Torek hear
His love was taken claim that night

My brother, I have such news to share
My longing kept hidden in strife
My heart is overjoicing
For soon I shall have a wife
To Oria Allyahan
Did I profess my love
And fall into my arms did she
And say that she did love...
... me too

Fire coursing through his veins
To Oria he ran
To beg her if it all was true
To pray to understand

So hear did he her true heart said
Her love belonged to his brother
And curse did he their new found love

For cursed she should be
If she didn't love he!

And should be content with no other!

Yes, cursed she will be
If she doesn't love he!

Out he storms from Aina fair
A self-imposed exile
Far he'll go to escape the burn
Of rejection's bitter bile
Out he storms not looking back
And vows to never return
For now he hates the lovely land
And would rather see it burned

For how I hate that lovely land
And will someday see it burn!!




Recien ahora si ponen a postear aina que saco su disco hace mucho en el 2003 jajajajjjj el proyecto solista del guitarrista de heaven\"s Gate que nadie conoce esa banda. Solo los metaleros de verdad


Haber si alguien me puede conseguir las letras en español

Talon´s Last Hope_22

La verdad que esta banda, la habia escuchado hace ya algun tiempo, no le tome mayor importancia, pero hubo un tema el cual me llamo la atencion, y despues de muxo tiempo porfin logre conseguir el disco y lo escuxe completo y me gusto demasiado , incluso ahora diria que es uno de mis discos favoritos, ademas encuentro que hicieron un trabajo musical, realmente bueno,y cada integrante por muy pequeño el rol que le haya tocado en esta Metal Opera, lo hicieron genial, y dio como resultado, este disco, que reitero es buenismo, lo recomiendo de todas maneras.....ha det!


Bastante bueno, me gustó porque es la beta Avantasia y Ayreon.. La Verdad que esta muy bueno. Vale la pena escucharlo