Letra de Play de Jennifer Lopez en Melomanet


Jennifer Lopez



J To Tha L-O! (The Remixes)


I could wait all night and day
To go to a party, sit down and wait
Give my request to the DJ
Caus my song he's gotta play
And when I hear that beat
I get my body up out my seat
Grab a guy and move my feet
He's playing my song

Come on play that song
Play it all night long
Just turn it up and turn me on
Come on DJ play that song
You know that it turns me on
Just turn it up and turn me on

DJ just play that song
Caus I wanna be dancing all night long
So play my, play my, play my, play my
Play my favorite song

I don't care if everybody's gone
Turn it up caus it turns me on
Keep dancin' all night long
It feels so good that it can't be wrong

I get the chills up and down my spine
Whenever I hear that song of mine
When it stops better press rewind
Let me hear it one more time

Chorus x2

I just wanna dance
Is that a crime?
Alright then

Chorus x3

(Thanks to Yaliya for these lyrics)


eres una cantante estuenda soy una gran fan tuya y yo tambien canto y un dia de estos te alcanzare y llegare alka cima

jaissy lorenzo

Bueno que decir me encantan tus canciones y este ultimo albun tiene mucho sentimiento encontrado justo como me estado sintiendo asi que me vienen como anillo al dedo