Letra de Goodbye To All That de Marillion en Melomanet

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Goodbye To All That

They try to trace her in the town
Appeal for information on the local news
Someone must have missed her by now
A mother or a father or a friendly face to talk her down

She's heading for the great escape
Heading for the rave
Heading for the permanent holiday ...

(i) wave

Hold your breath ... 'till you feel it begin ...
Here it comes ...
Do you feel that?...
... 'Feel this?
Get used to it ...

She had the face of the statue of liberty
Oh free me

The fire and ice of Amazon and Eskimo
Take me home

The edge and glance of high fashion
Ask me about next year ...

(ii) made

Tell me I'm mad
How should I know?

Tell me I'm mad
I have been here for so long ...

Help me paint a picture
They say it's a lie

Tell me I'm mad!
You're a fine one to decide

Burn me in the fires of wild heaven
Like it never would stop
Tell me I'm mad
Tell me I imagined that ...

Was it something I didn't say?
Or was it something I said
Leave that stuff alone
Use me instead

I know I'm always falling off the edge of the world
I got space in my bed
("Off with his head!" ... "Clearly, he's mad")

You've got Egypt in your head
I've got a headful of Troy
Chandeliers and Charlemagne
Fireworks and toys

(iii) the opinum den

But you sleep like a ghost with me
It's as simple as that
So tell me I'm mad
Roll me up and breathe me in
Come to my madness
My opium den
Come to my madness
Make sense of it again

(iv) the slide

Make a drug of my senses
I'll get you out of your head ...

I'm sick for you ...

Love wastes us together
Love holds us together
Love folds us together
Flowers ...

(v) standing in the swing

I don't know what you're doing here
When there's murder on the street
I appreciate your concern
But don't waste your time on me
I'm ashes on the water now
Somewhere far away
You think you came here just in time
But you're twenty years too late
You won't have long to wait

You said I was easy
This world sharpens teeth
Eat your words ...

larry soto

para mi todos los trabajos de marillion con fish son tremendos porque cada uno tiene un anbiente muy particular claro como toda gran banda de rock sinfonico sienpre manteniendo su esencia pero para mi la obra maestra de marillion es CLUTCHING AT STRAWS es lo mejor bueno cuidense mucho todos y cuidemos nuestro planeta


Sin duda para mi con Fish, es otra cosa, la verdad q con Hogart poco y nada


Marillion es una banda que reune la musica rock,neo clasica,pop,lo cual la hace bastante progresiva,respetando siempre las partes instrumentales,una gran banda,en especial los tres primeros discos.


Son simplemente fantasticos, los dos vocalistas no sabria a quien escoger como mejor ambos tienen su estilo
en fin la banda es genial


tremenda banda , los escucho desde que tenia 10 años , tube la suerte de ver a fish y marillion cuando tocaron en chile . de la primera
etapa me gusta el disco clutching straws , disco redondo y con steve horgath me gusta el disco brave. las dos etapas tienen su encanto.yo
soy fanatico de ambas . he crecido escuchando a marillion y el disco marbles me sorprendio por lo hermoso de sus melodias. saludos a los fanaticos de esta gran banda.