Letra de Shimmering Fields de Matt Costa en Melomanet

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Matt Costa


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Shimmering Fields

flowers are nice
flowers are pretty
so i took a ride
away from the city

stores id heard of mystery and magic
traveling caravans left me enchanted
with rivers of sun glow just beyond the plateau
i followed them down to the well
there are your wishes
there are your dreams
in shimmering fields of gold

a mystical mistress in the forest of night
knew that id come from city lights
shimmering fields but of course my dear
shimmering fields of gold
many have followed the footsteps youre on
good to know im not alone
la da da da da da
la da da da da da

shimmering straight ahead i see
shimmering fields of gold
all you could wish for
and all you could dream
shimmering fields of gold

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