Letra de A Man Needs a Maid de Neil Young en Melomanet


Neil Young




A Man Needs a Maid

My life is changingin so many waysI don´t know whoto trust anymoreThere´s a shadow runningthru my daysLike a beggar goingfrom door to door.I was thinking thatmaybe I´d get a maidFind a place nearbyfor her to stay.Just someoneto keep my house clean,Fix my meals and go away.A maid. A man needs a maid.A maid.It´s hard to make that changeWhen life and loveturns strange.And old.To give a love,you gotta live a love.To live a love,you gotta be "part of"When will I see you again?A while ago somewhereI don´t know whenI was watchinga movie with a friend.I fell in love with the actress.She was playing a partthat I could understand.A maid. A man needs a maid.A maid.When will I see you again?

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