Letra de Saturdays de Nelly Furtado en Melomanet

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Nelly Furtado




Hot motel
Stuffy incide
I know well
This eleven walls
Hot black tar
I tan my legs
Rest my heart
And dream of the city

Magazine and diet coke
I´m not a joke
This is me
Damaged leg
Heavy cart
Plastic cups
Linen mart

Rock garden
Where i used to play
People stare
Part of their day
Coffe break
Lunch at noon
Pumpernickel steak
Green and orange room

Done my list
I Make my way
To help my mother
End her day
Fresh cut grass
parking lot
We roll on out
We got a lot

We´re on our way
Roll the windows down
And scream out loud
We´re tired now

Take it home
Stop on the way
To the bakery
For some fruit and cake
Home i lay
After a shower clean
I hit my head
And i dream


Que bueno Nelly, me encantan tus canciones, un besoo (K)


Que bueno Nelly !!! Me encantan tus canciones, un besoo (K)


nelly... eres la + bkn espero qe sigas asi. mi cancion favorita es \"\"Promiscuous\"\" , te mando 1beso y 1 abrazo apretado para que no lo olvides nunca...se despidetu admiradora nro 1 chauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu... ji ji ji...


yeah! nelly siempre nos trae lo mejor de su voz