Letra de Save The Dance de Ricky Martin en Melomanet

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Ricky Martin



Save The Dance

Met you on a side, an accidental hi
And i missed you, before i met you
Your lips i want to taste, it's not the time and place
And it can't be, i'm sorry

It's like we've talked a thousand times
And made love with our eyes

But tonight is not the night
I'm with somebody else, and i can't lie
With me and you, it's never goodbye
Save the dance for another life

I'm guilty in my mind, cause i can't close my eyes
My spirit can hear it
So let the music play, the changes i can't make
To heal you, conceal you
It's like we've walked a thousand miles
To make love with our eyes


Without you...
Wish that i could tell you that tomorrow is all about you
But it's the time to meet you in another life

(chorus 2x)

Save the dance for another life (3x)


con estas canciones del disco fuego contra fuego conoci a una gran persona que dejo huella en mi vida y nunca podre olvidar mi esposo


son unos putos de mierda!!!!!!!!!!