Letra de Be Tender With Me Baby de Tina Turner en Melomanet

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Be Tender With Me Baby

(Albert Hammond & Holly Knight)

You got the right to tell me it's all over
It isn't like me to be, begging you
Don't let go, don't let go
Just stay with me another day
When I'm not myself, please understand me
I'm so confused I don't know, what to do
But don't give up, don't give up
It just may take a little time

Be tender with me baby
I'm so afraid you'll go away
Be tender with me baby
Always, for always

I know that you've been patient with my weakness
And that you hate to see me cry
But I know, yes I know
It doesn't hurt to be this way
But I'm so lonely I could die


Why does my heart keep hurting
Why do I feel like I do
I hope you see this is not really me
It's just a phase that I'm going through


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