Letra de Thief Of Hearts de Tina Turner en Melomanet

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Tina Turner


Soul Kiss [Good Hearted Woman]

Wildest Dreams

Thief Of Hearts

(A. Rich, J. Friedman, J. Kraus & H. Hattler)

Let me tell you about a man I knew
Yeah, I knew him all too well

My attitude has always been
You can have me for tonight
Not for tomorrow
It's gonna cost you plenty
More than you can afford
More than you can borrow
Well I can make them fall in love
Just as easy as I
Pick their pockets hey
And when I've done the deed
I jump on a freight train
And make my getaway

Oh I'm a thief of hearts
A burglar in the night
Before they knew what hit them
I was out of sight
Been a thief of hearts
Now I'm paying for my crimes
Cause now you're gone and stolen mine

I met you on a starry night
Full moon in your eyes
Did something strange to me
I was all prepared to spin my web
Take you for a ride
But there was a fork in the street
Well I didn't mean to fall in love
Didn't practice the rules
That I've been taught
You never get involved
Never drop your defenses
But this time I got caught


Feels so good, I want more
It should be against the law

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