Letra de Lay It Down de Tina Turner en Melomanet

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Tina Turner


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Soul Kiss [Good Hearted Woman]

Lay It Down

Traveling down on different roads
Trying hard to leave the load
We take it there but we can't let go
It's so hard to lay it down

Back in Eden we were tried
Found ourselves disatisfied
Seeking wisdom that she denied
Trying hard to lay it down

Lay it down brother,lay it down
It's so hard to lay it down

Hide in me,confide in me
Don't you think it's time to be
Everything we tried to be
You and me sould lay it down

Speak to me,be unashamed
There's no need in playing games
After all we're all the same
Just trying hard to lay it down

Wish my words could make it well
Wish that i could break the shell
Take us from ourself made hell
Find a way to lay it down

Burdened by the things i've learned
Hurting because i'm too concerned
Nonetheless i confess i yearn
To find a way to lay it down

Lay it down,lay it down
Wish that i could lay it down

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