Letra de Steamy Windows de Tina Turner en Melomanet

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Steamy Windows

(Tony Joe White)

I was thinking about parking the other night
We was out on a back road
Me and my baby was just getting right
Our systems going overload
The radio blasting in the front seat
Churning out the music fine
And we was snuggled up in the back seat
Making up for lost time

Steamy windows
Zero visibility
Steamy windows
Coming from the body heat

You can wine and dine with the men all night
With good intent
But there's something about the confrontation on the back road
Breaks down the defense


Steamy windows
Ain't nobody can see
Steamy windows
Coming from the body heat

There's a sound outside the front door
And I know that's just the wind
But it makes him snuggle up just a little bit closer
Starts things happening again


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