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What You Get Is What You See

(Terry Britten & Graham Lyle)

Some boys got the look of a Greek Adonis
Some boys try to talk you off your feet
Some boys think they're gods gift to woman
Some boys think they're sweet enough to eat
Try to change the habit of a lifetime
Don't even try
Cause when you cut down deeper than the icing
You realize

What you get is what you see
Ain't nothing more to it
And if you wanna love a woman like me
It takes a man to do it
If what you get is what you see
Then I don't want your kind of love

Some guys got lips that you can't help kissing (Muh, muh, muh)
And some guys got a smile you can't resist
Some guys gotta build a reputation
They just wanna add you to the list
You got a lot of physical attraction
I can't deny
But can you guarantee me satisfaction
While I'm still waiting, waiting, waiting...


So let me see your cards on the table
Before I buy
I always read the writing on the label
So give me reason to believe there's more to you than meets the eye


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