Letra de Demons de Fatboy Slim en Melomanet


Fatboy Slim


Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars

The Greatest Hits Why Try Harder


They said she had a heart attack,
I think the creatures coming back,
And i am fine, coz all my love is electrifying,
And i can feel like a cesspool,

Wanna be with you,
And it's my animission,
I better give my heart a listen,
And my creatures say:

All of your demons,
Will wither away,
Ecstasy comes,
And they cannot stay.

You'll understand,
When you come my way,
Coz all of my demons,
Have withered away.

Coz, all of my demons,
Have withered away.

They said, that he shooked
himself to death
I wanna dance to my last breath.



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