Letra de Fits Ya Good de Bryan Adams en Melomanet


Bryan Adams


You Want It, You Got It

MTV Unplugged: Bryan Adams

You Want It You Got It

Fits Ya Good

Well in the air for the world today yeah.
Five O'Clock and those walls are slowly closin'.
You get home so down and worn out, thunderstruck.
Yeah fits you good,
Oh fits you good.
Yeah fits you good, Oh.

Closin' time you were bringin' me down,
Well I know it's just the way you live your life.
But you don't know like I know better,
I did all that I could. Now it

Fits you good,
Yeah fits you good.
Oh fits you good, Oh.
But you don't know what I know,
I did all that I could. Now


Es un hombre muy talentoso y la vrdad con mucha imaginacion y amor por los caballos. ¡igual que yo!