Letra de Save Us de Helloween en Melomanet

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Save Us

Too late to call for the priest
He is not here anymore
We look at the age of the beast
and we've seen its vast armies forms
Hear our call

Please, save us
Please, save us

In permanent madness we live
no time for life and for love
To take is the rule, not to give
Insanity commes from below
To take us all

Please, save us
Please, save us

We belive that the phenomena of nature
Are the expression of infinite inteligence
we express our belief that all forms of life
are manifestations of spirit
Ans thus, all man are childrens of God

Far from down belowour comes,
prepare to take us all
Waiting for his future
and the final call

We stand in the edge of the world
just one step more and we fall
Guide us and please take our hands
without you we will came along

Please, save us
Please, save us. Now!
Save us--from the gods of thunder
Save us--from the dogs of war
Save us--from the creeping nightmares
Save us--from the evil's course
Save us--from our own ignorance
Save us--from the man in black
Save us--from the desolation
Save us--from the hate attack
Save us--oh please
Save us--please save us
Save us--oh please
Save us--now!


por favor me puede ayudar alquien con una concion de halloweenen duen con otro grupo que no se como se llama...que la cancion empieza tocando el piano se la conoce aquien??gracias


a si que viva el powermetallll


bueno sinseramente paea mi andy es en cierto modo mejor que michael

harold gamez

excelente banda¡ me gusta muchisimo:


Como comentario a mi parecer Kiske e smejor que Deris pero en fin ... DUICULPEN alguien sabe si HellOween saco mas canciones aparte de la VICTIM OF FATE y de la de STARLIGTH con Kiske remasterizadas si alguien sabe hagamelo saber e buscado peor solo esas 2 he encontrado.