Letra de Goin' Down To Mexico de ZZ Top en Melomanet

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Rancho Texicano (the Very Best Of Zz Top)

Goin' Down To Mexico

I was on my way down to Mexico,
there was trouble on the rise.
It was nothing more than I'd left behind,
which was much to my surprise.
I turned around and lit a cigarette
wiped the dust off of my boots.
When up ahead I saw the crowd,
I knew it was no use.

I'ts been the same way for Oh so long,
it looks like I'm singing the same old song.

A fine and fancy man was he,
doing good things for the poor.
Givin' rides in his rockin' Eighty-eight for free.*
They could not hope for more.
When it came my turn he said to me,
Have I seen your face before?
I said, Oh no, you must be wrong,
I'm from a distant shore.

So if you don't mind, I'll just move along
but it looks like I'm singin' the same old song.

A Nineteen Forty movie star
with a long forgotten name.
She was a sexy mess in her pleated dress,
still hangin' on to fame.
With forgotten lines she missed her cue
and left a glass of wine at home.
She was singin' the same song that I was.
Could we both be wrong?

So hand in hand we walked along,
each of us singin' the same old song.

Cornolius Maximus

Amos y señores del rey de los generos musicales EL ROCK, si hay algun grupo que se ha logrado consagrar con todos sus integrantes vivos es este.....



lo mejor de los ultimos tiempos


los maestros solo saben hacer maravillas


son realmente geniales


simplemente brutales